Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light

      Introducing the Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light; This LED moon lamp, created using state of the art 3D printing technology comes with a base and magnetic levitation adding a touch of magic, to any environment. Watch in awe as the moon seemingly defies gravity and hovers above its base. You have the option to choose cool white or yellow light settings to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

With attention to detail and precise replication of features this moon lamp brings the moons beauty right into your hands. Its lifelike appearance will transport you to the surface of our neighbor.

The minimalist wooden base effortlessly complements any style of decor making it an eye catching centerpiece for homes, offices or any space where cosmic wonder is appreciated. It serves as a great conversation starter. Is a gift for space enthusiasts, dreamers or anyone who admires the vastness of the cosmos.

Embrace the mystique of our companion, with the Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light—a blend of skillful craftsmanship and cutting edge technology that will elevate your surroundings while inspiring awe and sparking meaningful conversations. Don't miss out on bringing a hint of allure into your life; order and transform your space into a haven worthy of heavenly enchantment.

Only types A and B can be levitated

Other types of moon lights do not have the suspension function

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