VENOM Magnetic Ferrofluid Pickup Light

Introducing the VENOM magnetic ferrofluid pickup light: your wireless musical companion and portable desk ornament!

Experience music anyway with the VENOM Magnetic Fluid Pickup Light. This new device combines stunning graphics, convenient wireless and portability.


Visual Enjoyment: Watch the magnetic fluid dance to your music, transforming sound into stunning images.

Wireless: Say goodbye to wires; Connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Portability: Compact and rechargeable, take it with you wherever you go.

Desk Jewelry: The sleek design makes it a conversation piece when not in use.

Decompression toy: Find relaxation by watching the ferrofluid move and vibrate.


VENOM Light elevates your music experience, adds style to your space and creates a moment of peace. The children of the abaw; Order now and get involved in the music and art with VENOM!

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